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2014年和三 农有关的词汇试译
发表时间:2013-12-22 17:30:32[ 阅读次数:1785 ]


中共中央发布了2014年首个政策性文件,强调农业改革、发展现 代农业以及继续将农业视为经济根本的重要性。Chinese authorities on Sunday issued their first policy document of 2014, underscoring the importance of rural reform, developing modern agriculture and maintaining agriculture as the foundation of its economy. 中共中 央每年发布的首个政策性文件(policy document)被称为“中央一号文件”(No. 1 Central Document)。自2004年起,一号文件连续11年锁定“三农”主题 (three rural issues: agriculture, rural areas and farmers)。


坚持家 庭经营为基础与多种经营形式共同发展Continue to make household management as the basis of rural operations while develop various forms of management

传统精 耕细作与现代物质技术装备相辅相成Make traditional intensive farming and modern technological equipment complement each other

实现高 产高效与资源生态永续利用协调兼顾Realize coordination between high output and efficiency and sustainable use of resources

加强政 府支持保护与发挥市场配置资源决定性作用功能互补Strengthen functional complementarities between government support and protection and the market playing the decisive role in resource allocation


1.完善国 家粮食安全保障体系

Improve national food security system

2.强化农 业支持保护制度

Intensify support and protection for agriculture

3.建立农 业可持续发展长效机制

Establish a long-term mechanism for sustainable agricultural development

4.深化农 村土地制度改革

Deepen reform of rural land system

5.构建新 型农业经营体系

Build a new agricultural management system

6.加快农 村金融制度创新

Speed up innovation of rural financial system

7.健全城 乡发展一体化体制机制

Improve the mechanism of integrated development of urban and rural areas


Improve rural governance



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